Hamlet Sacrifice Analysis

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The Ultimate Sacrifice Everyday 1,429,995 US soldiers risk their lives for the country they love. They sacrifice everything to protect those who need it. In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, the main character does the same thing. Hamlet gives up his reputation, and life, by pretending to be insane for his father whom Hamlet loves and cares about deeply. Hamlet is not crazy because he can control his thoughts and actions, only does what he believes to be the right and just, and more intelligent than everyone around him. To some, Hamlet may seem unappreciable and irrational, but during further examination one sees that his attitude is only for attention. Not only does Hamlet control when he does or does not talk in prose, he also announces that he …show more content…

The plot and majority of the play shows us an intimate side of Hamlet where he is planning the murder of Claudius. “Hamlet did not lose his mind, but found it, in the shock of catastrophic revelation, and it the excitement --almost the exhilaration-- of that discovery, he forgot a crime and ignored a duty” (Firkins 394). Hamlet’s soliloquies become more rational as the play continues. He starts the first one wanting to commit suicide, but during the seventh, he decides against it. The discovery of his father’s murderer turns Hamlets from a depressed young man into a vengeful but careful creature. Hamlet and his two friends are all college educated but Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are unable to keep up with Hamlets illgenigent remarks. This shows that his understanding goes beyond the average person’s. “Moreover, with all this analytical and creative power, Hamlets intelligence is also practical. In the efficient conduct of affairs nobody in the play can hold a candle to him. He easily outwits them all” (Mayo 350). Hamlet often shows off his intricate speaking abilities, but it does not impress others due to their lack of comprehension. He uses his superior brain to insult others, amuse, and express himself. Due to Hamlet's mental abilities, he often feels isolated, so his father's death affected him even more harshly. Hamlet is mentally stable because he is aware of everything he is doing, believes in his actions, and

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