Hamlet Truly Love Ophelia Analysis

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In William Shakespeare 's Hamlet the question is often posed as to whether or not Hamlet truly loved Ophelia. The question is open to interpretation yet, through Hamlet 's actions throughout the course of the play it is evident that he truly loved her. Hamlet is a famously self absorbed character although when he is around Ophelia his true feelings of love are portrayed. Although, many can argue that Hamlet never truly loved Ophelia there were many instances throughout the play where Hamlet is ardently in love with her.
Hamlet 's true love for Ophelia is first displayed in act three when Hamlet blatantly says “I did love you” ( III.i.126). Hamlet tells Ophelia that he does love her but follows by saying he never truly loved her. This just shows the depth of Hamlet 's character in the sense that this new overwhelming sense of love confuses him. If we examine the scene in which this took place it is apparent that Hamlet only took back his profession of love because he knew his conversation with Ophelia was under watch. The concept of “love” is one that is very confusing in Shakespeare 's work. The concept
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Another instance where Hamlet demonstrates his love for Ophelia is when he writes her a love letter. Through the dialogue present in his letter it is obvious to the reader that he truly loves her. In the letter Hamlet states “never doubt I love” (II.ii.27). He tells Ophelia that in their world of complications and unclarity his love for her is truly the only thing that makes sense to him, his love for her is undeniably real. This scene is one of the few times where Hamlet obviously expresses his love for Ophelia before she passes away. This could be due to the fact that after Hamlet delivered his letter Ophelia immediately gave it to her father, Polonius, whom Hamlet does not trust. Yet, it was the action of Polonius receiving the letter which led Hamlet to conclude that in order to protect the love of his life, Ophelia, he would need to conceal his love for
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