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Do you think cutting someone's hand off because they striked their father is fair? Hummurabi’s code was just because it helps protect the weak. If someone commits a crime it makes sure no one will do it by using harsh punishments. It also helps protect property and property equaled power. Hammurabi code was created in the empire of Babyloina in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is the land between two rivers and Babylon, the capital of the Babyloinia empire Is a city state in Mesopotamia. A city state is a city that controls the land around it. Hammurabi's code was a set of 282 completed laws. Carved into a stone stele, a stone stele is a large stone that was used to carve into. Hammurabi was the first king to have a complete set of laws.

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One piece of evidence from Document C, law 129 says, “If a married lady is caught [in adultery] with another man they shall bind them and cast them into the water.”. This shows us that if someone sees this happening they are likely not going to this. If someone sees people getting tied together and thrown into a river. they probably won't cheat. Another piece of evidence is from Document D law 21 says, "If a man has broken through the wall [to rob] a house, they shall put him to death and pierce him, or hang him in the hole in the wall which he has made.”. If someone gets hanged to a wall for robbing a house it’s very unlikely that someone may do that again. Hanging someone to a wall might be a bit gruesome but it puts fear in other robbers. Also it puts fear into civilians so they are not gonna do it again. Another piece of evidence from Document E law 196, says, If a man has knocked out the eye of a free man, his eyes shall be knocked out.”. This shows that if someone gets their eye taken out there probably not gonna take someone else's eye out. Taking out someone's eye is pretty gruesome but it frightens people so they don't do that. This another way Hammurabi’s code was …show more content…

One piece of evidence from Document D, law 53, 54 says, “ If a man has opened his trench for irrigation and the waters have flooded his neighbor’s field, the man must restore the crop he has caused to be lost.” This shows that this law protects the neighbors property from damage. This law is pretty important because farms are people's source of money. Most of the people in Hammurabi's empire were farmers. Also it’s mostly the other person's fault. It’s basically fixing what he did wrong. It makes sure people repair what they do wrong. Another piece of evidence from Document D, law 23 says, “If the robber is not caught, the man who has been robbed shall formally declare whatever he has lost before a god, and the city and the mayor in whose territory or district the robbery has been committed shall replace for him whatever he has lost.”. This replaces all his old property that he lost. Also it's the city's cause since they couldn’t get the robber. Another thing is that they might have expensive property. Also the property can be given to future family members. Some of the ancient things from Mesopotamia can be worth millions. It might help future families of Mesopotamians. It might make them millionaires and help their future. This is my final reason why Hammurabi’s code is

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