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I believe that Hammurabi’s code was just. I have all of the laws and documents that support my claim as to why I think the code was just. I think that Hammurabi’s code was just because obviously these things had to have happened at least once or they wouldn’t have laws about it. So society needs to learn even if it means having that harsh of a punishment. Having that harsh of a punishment actually helps because society sees that if they do that specific crime, they will get a really bad punishment so that prevents it from happening. Family laws were fair. In law 148 it states that if a mans wife falls ill, he’s aloud to marry a second wife as long as he still cares for the wife who is ill until she dies. This is fair because you can still go on with your life as long as you don’t let your wife die. In law 168 it states that if a man wants to disinherit his son he must ask the judge and if tdhe judge looks at the boy’s past and there’s nothing bad that he did, the father can’t disinherit him. This is fair because you shouldn’t do anything to make your father want to disinherit you, and if the judge finds something than no wonder your father wants to disinherit you. Hammurabi’s Family Laws were just much like his Property Laws. …show more content…

In law 48 it states that if a man loans money to someone for crops and a storm comes and ruins them, the person that borrowed the money doesn’t have to pay it back for another year. This is fair because the loaner is taking the chance, knowing that something may happen, and that’s his decision. In Law 53 and 54 it states that if a man opens his trench to water his crops and floods the neighbors crops on accident, he must replace all the crops he has destroyed. This is fair because he destroyed the crops and the other farmer may have been depending on those crops to feed his family. Hammurabi’s Property Laws were fair much like his Personal-Injury

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