Hammurabi's Code Vs Modern Law

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Hammurabi's code and the modern laws have several similarities and differences. For example, they are both intended to maintain order in society. However, Hammurabi’s code is far more violent than modern law. Also, they have different ways of handling things, different punishments, and different social structure. One way that Hammurabi’s Code and the Modern Laws are different is because Hammurabi’s Code is strictly based on social structure. This can be seen by Hammurabi’s words, “If a men destroyed of a gentlemen, they shall destroy their eye… if he has the eye of a commoner, he shall pay one mina of silver… if he has destroyed the eye of a gentlemen’s slave, he shall pay one half the slave’s price.” This shows how the punishments depend on the social class of the victim and the criminal in Hammurabi's code. However, the modern law does NOT. Also, in the Modern Law, the criminals have a democracy. In Hammurabi’s Code, they punish you immediately. Lastly, they are different because Hammurabi’s Code is very harsh. For …show more content…

For example, the punishments depend on the crime. If a wife fights with her husband, leaves her husband, ruins her house, or neglects her husband, this woman shall be thrown into the river in the Hammurabi’s code. If someone murders someone in the modern law, they have a sentence in jail. Sentences in jail also depend on the crime and its severity. Another way that they are similar is the way that they both maintain order. Both systems of laws cause the people to become afraid of committing a crime. If you commit a crime in Hammurabi’s code, you can get thrown into a river, get your fingers cut off, or killed to death. However, if you commit a crime in Modern Law, you can get sentenced to jail or get fined. Lastly, they are both similar because they both offer protection for your belongings and you. They both punish people who invade your property and your

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