Happiness In Brave New World Essay

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In our modern society, each individuals have their own definition of happiness. Aristotle said “Happiness is a state of activity.”, and the Bible states that true happiness can only be found in relationship with God. On the contrary, in the novel Brave New World, the controllers of the World State decide what happiness is, and condition the citizens into believing that perspective. However, this lead into sacrificing many aspects which we feel beauty and value, such as love, liberalism, passion. This resulted in changing the society in Brave New World different from our society.

Throughout the novel, the characters often have conversations on who they are going out with, like Lenina and Henry. However, can we easily conclude that they love
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However, being satisfied and being unpassionate is close to each other. “To be excited is still to be dissatisfied”(BNW Ch5). Because the citizens are given soma and games, and sex is a part of everyday life, they are content with corporal pleasure. As the quote before suggests, being satisfied with pleasure brings apathy to their own circumstances. Due to this, they will lose passion to create, and will only consume and follow what the World State commands. Moreover, the World State never teach history during the conditions because it offers them an alternative. Because they are not aware of the notions of right and freedom, they do not rise for revolution. “‘You all remember,’ said the Controller, in his strong deep voice, ‘you all remember, I suppose, that beautiful and inspired saying of Our Ford's: History is bunk. History,’ he repeated slowly, ‘is bunk.’” (BNW Ch3). It is ironic that too much pleasure and satisfaction leaves the citizens only instinctive desire. Bernard reveals his lack of passion as an essential agony. “‘I want to know what passion is,’ she heard him saying. ‘I want to feel something strongly’” (BNW Ch6).

In conclusion, lack of love, liberalism, passion is related to absence of true happiness, because happiness is unequal to fulfilling desire. Furthermore, loss of truth leaves the World State unchangeable, as this can be inferred from the fact that having doubts like Helmholtz
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