A Brave New World Essay: Truth And Happiness

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Truth and happiness are two things people desire, and in the novel, an impressive view of this dystopia’s two issues is described. In this society, people are created through cloning. The “World State” controls every aspect of the citizens lives to eliminate unhappiness. Happiness and truth are contradictory and incompatible, and this is another theme that is discussed in “Brave New World” (Huxley 131). In the world regulated by the government, its citizens have lost their freedom; instead, they are presented with pleasure and happiness in exchange. People can’t know the truth; they are conditioned from birth never to know the truth. The majority of the citizens do not seek to know the truth, as ignorance is bliss. By taking Soma, …show more content…

The people are being denied personal freedom and true happiness in their lives. By avoiding the underlying truth in their lives with the consumption of Soma. The citizens can 't gain any scientific or realistic truth, and the “Brave New World” society destroys all truths such as friendship and love. The truth related to human relationships and emotions such as love, sadness, compassion, and sympathy are some of those truths. Normally, people feel these emotions, and it is what identifies us as humans. While these emotions give people great happiness and attachment, these also can cause grief, sadness, and anguish. In the “Brave New World,” people have sexual relationships for pleasure, although they never have relationships with emotions as it is considered abnormal to feel an attachment or love for someone. Marriages and families are non-existent (Huxley 60). Scientific truth includes discoveries, the beauty of language and conclusions made from experiences. These truths are sacrificed for happiness. There lies the assumption that happiness and truth are incompatible. In this new world, pleasure originates instead from food, fashion, health, sex, and Soma. Our human intelligence and conscience understand that these material possessions can 't genuinely make a

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