What Is Soma In Brave New World

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Brave new world is a story that will give you a version of the future of our world beyond the average human imagination. The novel “Brave New World” can be shortly summarized into this, humans are not born anymore, instead the embryos are manufactured by machines and conditioned in ways so certain classes of people are almost exactly the same. Media in Brave New World is a very prominent substance that has a very large amount of influence on the “civilized” people. One of the most important forms of “media” used in the novel is a drug/chemical called soma. What soma does is this, you can swallow some and it puts you into this sleep like state where you are happy and it is like you are dreaming. The people use it whenever they are not happy, this is usually when one is …show more content…

In the beginning of the book soma is mentioned quite a few times such as when the students are touring the Hatchery and Conditioning Center the D.H,C. says “...or if ever by some unlucky chance such a crevice of time should yawn in the solid substance of their distractions there is always soma, delicious soma”. This explains that soma is there whenever one is ever distracted or distressed. The people use it as an easy way to solve their problems. Another perfect quote to describe the use of soma is when Benito Hoover and Bernard Marx are speaking to each other about Lenina Crowne, Benito mentions “You look glum! What you need is a gramme of soma”. Once again they are mentioning that if you are ever (and that’ s EVER) sad, down , troubled or whatever, soma is there for you to make you happy. Soma is the main use to solve the issues of the people. Something else that portrays the use of Soma very well is when Lenina and Bernard are on their date and Bernard is discussing to her that he does not like the way their society works and starts talking about being “more

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