What Does Soma Represent In Brave New World

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Maisie Lacina Project B Create a list of the most important allegorical elements (symbols) from your novel, along with a description of what they mean. Your list must include at least five allegorical elements, and each description must be at least a paragraph long. SOMA Soma stands for enslavement through happiness. In Brave New World, the characters would get soma rations after work or have it on hand when they were feeling gloomy or any unpleasing emotion. Without soma the characters couldn’t function, they thought they needed soma to continue on with life. Close to the end of the book, John threw soma out the window and yelled “this is poison”. People became so used to feeling happy with soma, that they couldn’t be happy without it. Soma truly enslaved the characters through happiness throughout the book. RESERVATION …show more content…

In Brave New World they make everything perfect at the World Center and they make sure that people don’t look unhealthy, they make them perfect. The people at the World center are given special medications to make sure they don’t get fat and old.0, but the people at the reservation don’t get those medications. When Lenina went with Benard to the reservation she was scared and disgusted of the people there because they were so ugly and fat. This book was trying to show `us what our world looks like and what a perfect world looks

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