Hidden Messages In Carpenter's They Live

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Different authors employ different stylistic devices to help put across different messages that are embodied in the different themes they cover in their literary works. Among these, is the use of allegories which is defined as a form of figurative speech such as a poem or story that, that encompass abstract principles and ideas. However, a closer scrutiny reveals a hidden political or moral theme.This stylistic device has been employed by the following authors to convey hidden messages:
Carpenter’s They Live,serves as a moderately subversive film that incorporates one of the most iconic fight scenes in the history of movies to allegorically depict, the evils of capitalism, that manifest itself in terms of a powerful elite that makes use of the media to control the masses (Lethem, 2009). There is also a heightened clamor to expose the truth in society and thus, accountability and demand for transparency in today’s governments.
In this film, as Nada strolls across the streets he has a sense of feeling that things are not quite okay. An obscure organization hacks the airwaves and begin transmitting messages …show more content…

The boxers in the ring were blindfolded and as such, did not know who their opponent was. The only thing in their minds was that they had to hit hard, as they stumbled around the ring like drunkards. Blindfolding illustrates the point most that people just as the whites in the story may have little knowledge about a person, but in still throw blows i.e. form bias against them.
John Cheever 's "The Swimmer."
The author uses the character Neddy Merill to illustrate the hidden theme of the inevitable passage of time and the consequences of one’s actions. Merill angered by the suburbanites who lazy around the Weshazy pool decides to swim home, a journey of eight miles. Initially, he exhibits

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