Slumdog Millionaire Analysis

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In the academy award winning film ‘Slumdog millionaire’ directed by Danny Boyle, Main character Jamal Malik played by Dev Patel faces many challenges living on the streets and in the slums of Mumbai, India. During the film, Jamal experiences the death of a loved one and extreme poverty adding to the challenges put upon him. Throughout the film ‘Slumdog millionaire’ Danny Boyle’s challenges help viewers to understand characters and manifest the theme “Brutality of Humanity”. The key challenge in the film that helps us understand the Theme of Beauty and Brutality of Humanity is overcoming poverty. Danny Boyle utilises film techniques such as Costuming, Camera shots and Dialogue to show the theme “Brutality of Humanity”. Throughout the film Slumdog millionaire, Danny Boyle uses the film technique ‘Costuming’ …show more content…

Many of the camera angles used within the film gives us closer viewings and more emotion to the scenes, most of which manifested controlling power and views on challenges involving poverty. This relating us back to the theme “Brutality of Humanity”. With the camera angles making the poverty challenges further detailed, helps us to relate the film technique ‘camera angles’ back to “Brutality of Humanity”. The Rembrandt lighting and split lighting shows us the dramatic scenes of poverty challenges, where others help represent poverty and challenges within. The camera angles relate back to the theme as they show visual representations of the struggle and challenge facing poverty for example, Jamal as a young child eating minimin, walking through trash and working to gain money for Mamans under his cruel control. My opinion on Danny Boyle 's camera angle use is that he executed the film technique well, and well enough the help all viewers to see the perspective he wanted to give of the characters and India. Through the camera angles I learnt more about Jamal and his challenges towards poverty, in which I was able to relate back to the theme “Brutality of

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