Essay On The Warsaw Ghetto

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The Nazi’s sent a film crew to the Warsaw ghetto where they would film the Jews in their everyday lives most of the time being staged. They filmed from the very weak and poor to the wealthier Jewish people. It is easy to think of why the Germans would film the Jews in luxurious settings, to promote and show that the ghettos are good places and the Jews in the ghettos are living well. But why would they film the extreme poverty and state of the buildings and living conditions when they were so poor. It is hard for me to watch as most people that were being filmed were clearing starving and often close to death. A film unfinished is an eye opening film of what the Jewish people went through even before the death camps and work camps.
The film shows the contrast between the wealthy and poor and the everyday lives of the Jewish people in the ghettos. It often shows the trade at markets and the stores that offer food and supplies. Which was shown as being full of meats and vegetables but forgets that most of the population cannot afford anything and are starving. Children are caught smuggling goods into town and are often punished severely for this, often death. It is said in the film that the Jewish people actually liked
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My previous knowledge about the ghettos was that it was a place that the Jews were placed until they were brought to the death camps. But as I saw in the film the ghettos were places that the living conditions were awful and mostly everyone was malnourished and lacked basic needs. The ghettos were just as bad as the death camps as the conditions were unsanitary and unfit for people. The only difference between the death camps and the ghettos were the systematic killing that would take place. The Jewish people were suffering and the Nazi regime continued to project that it was the Jewish people causing the problems and that they were the major issue even within the
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