The Crucible: An Allegory For The Mccarthyism Red Scare

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“The Crucible” is an allegory for the McCarthyism Red Scare era of the 1950s. The allegory in the story is using fear and accusations that are used to imprison and kill people who were ought to be witches. A lot of the people became paranoid over the ideas of communism. In the crucible many people were put on trial and convicted with/without evidence and in reality they were innocent. Authur Miller was even accused of being part of the communist party in the McCarthy era. The allegory is a narrative story that conveys a complex, abstract, or difficult message. He used The Crucible as an allegory to manipulate facts and place blame in order to hide their personal program for political power. In The Crucible and the Red Scare the people who didn’t
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