Is Brave New World Happy Or Free

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Brave New World is about a futuristic society that has tried to create a perfect community where everyone is happy. They use science to mass-produce people and condition them to do and want only the things that they are supposed to. But in doing this, they take away freedoms, such as the freedom to think for oneself. The few characters we see that do think for themselves are not happy, so this novel poses a question: Is it better to be happy or free? A futuristic society in London, ranging from a large, people-producing and conditioning factory, to a "savage" reservation containing Indians, Some could say the Director is the antagonist, but he is simply conforming within the society that he was raised in and helped create, The main conflict stems directly from society, and how individuality is no longer considered a good thing to have, nor are morals. …show more content…

He is the top tier Alpha male but lacks in physical stature and holds plenty of unorthodox beliefs regarding his own community. He wishes nothing more than to fit into his society, which seems to foil the main character of the second half of the novel, John, who comes to find out by the end of the novel that there is nothing that he can do to fight the "civilized society" that he becomes trapped in. John is the ultimate outsider, as he is rejected by both the "savage" and "civilized" cultures. He learns everything he knows from Shakespeare, which ends up shaping his very being from his confusing love of Lenina to his demise. The conflict between his morals and the lack of morals in the society lead to his eventual

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