Unorthodoxy In Brave New World

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The director makes the argument that unorthodox behavior is worse than murder to portray that unorthodoxy threatens more than the life of one person. Unorthodoxy is so dangerous for the reason that it threatens the whole society, it strikes at society itself (pg.148). D.C.H dislikes Bernard for Bernards heretical views on soma and sport, unorthodox sex life, and refusal to obey teaching of Ford. To humiliate Bernard D.C.H exposes Bernard. For instance, he states, “ this man who stands before you hear, this Alpha-Plus to whom so much has been given, and from whom, in consequence so much must be expected, this colleague of yours or should I anticipate and say this ex colleague? Has grossly betrayed the trust opposed to him” (pg.149). Bernard…show more content…
To the extent, that everyone is going to laugh. (pg.151). I think that the word “mother” is considered more obscene than “father” for the reason that rally nobody knows what a mother is in society due to the fact that nobody has one. The idea of motherhood creates too much emotion since it infers marriage and birth.…show more content…
174) As, a result of the situation at his party Bernard is humiliated and alone. This causes the conflict to return to his old ways.(pg.175-176) Helmholtz was in trouble with the authorities due to the fact that he was reading unorthodox rhymes to his college students. (pg.177) Bernard is jealous of Helmholtz and John's closeness in Chapter 12. He takes soma out of vengeance. (179-180). Helmholtz burst out in laughter because Romeo fights for Juliet, and that is unheard of in Helmholtz society. My reaction to Helmholtz laughter is that he has a sense of humor toward things that are unheard in his society . It is what I expected from him since fighting for someone is not known of in his society. (pg.182-184). I think that John relates better to Helmholtz than Bernard for the reason that Helmholtz believes himself to be a subversive writer, creating poems that reflect his personal disconnection from the world, he is immediately fascinated by John, since he sees in the Savage something of the self to which he aspires. Furthermore, when they meet Helmholtz reads some of his personal poetry to John, who responsa with selections from Shakespeare. Helmholtz and John find their common ground in poetry, giving them both a concrete place from which to
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