Brave New World Literary Analysis

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Jeremy Lawrence
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Literary Analysis

A Brave New World

The novel A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley he analyzes the dangers of losing one 's individualism in an advanced society. Huxley also shows what can happen when a society changes to rapidly much like the society we live in today. Aldous Huxley was born July 26, 1894 and he died November 22, 1963. Huxley also write some short stories, poetry, travelogues and even film scripts. In his novels and essays Aldous Huxley would always play the role of a critical observer of accepted traditions, customs, social norms and ideals. Importantly, he would be concerned in his writings with the potentially harmful applications of so-called …show more content…

Much like today’s society we are constantly changing and some may argue that we are going too fast. Huxley shows us that the people of the dystopian society that the setting is in try to control the economy. “We don’t want to change. Every change is a menace to stability” (Huxley 153). There is the main problem in the novel the main component to stability is for individuality to be gone. Huxley demonstrates this by having babies born in hatcheries to have their social class determined for them and even given or denied things that are needed for a healthy baby to survive. The government in A Brave New World realizes that stability is made by having people think the same. When they create the babies they take and egg and a sperm and make a kid, but they do another step called Bokanovsky process. The shock they eggs multiple times till the eggs split. They do this as many times as they can so they create 8 or 9 twins, they lose they babies individuality and it is inhumane to the kids by creating them in a lab and not having them born naturally. In sociology they say that a kid who has no parents or authority figure to support them the child can grow up to have many …show more content…

He also shows how dangerous a society can be if they advance too quickly. John the savage changed from a normal everyday guy. A guy that helps anyone who needs it and is always there. To a person who lost himself in the fame, he gets too caught up with the women, the drugs, and the popularity that comes with being a celebrity. Also Bernard loses himself as well. He changes from a guy who just wants a job to a person who just wants to destroy he director. He was obsessed just like john with the popularity. He let it consume him and turn Bernard into something he was not before. He could have had an everyday life with a wife and a family bud he gets caught up in something he believes. He also explains the dangers of change. “Technological progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going backwards” (Huxley a Brave new world revisited 22). If a society changes to quickly they can lose key thing and make mistakes. Like when they clone the babies they are all the same. They have nothing that separates them from each other. They basically mass produce kid out of a factory and if they have a deformed or a mentally handicapped they just terminate them. Just throw them to the side. This is the future in Aldous Huxley’s eyes, so what would you do in A Brave New

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