Symbolism In Susan Mallery's Someone Like You

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This book tangles into the most dramatic parts of the L.A. community including Mafia dons, social workers, angry exes, murderers, and one very quirky eight-year-old, that make even the simplest romance complicated. In this literary work, " Someone Like You, By Susan Mallery " the author chooses physical objects which takes on a special significance that becomes a symbol of obstacles or setbacks in relationships, happiness, and success of the characters. Susan Mallery is a master at this aspect of literature which captivates the reader, making the reader want more and more of the book. There are many physical objects that are used as symbols in this book such as the fish, BMW, and alcohol. In this literary masterpiece, Susan Mallery chooses physical objects which take on a special significance that become a symbol of obstacles or setbacks in …show more content…

Another example of usage of symbolism in this book would be Alcohol. Alcohol is used as a symbol to convey a deeper meaning. Alcohol in this novel symbolizes that many of the characters face problems and obstacles that are very difficult, but they don’t really face them head-on. They try to escape from their problems in many ways, and the main one is alcohol. The characters are having tough times in their lives, where they really don’t know what to do and how to handle their obstacles or setbacks to be happy. For example, one of the main characters didn’t know how to handle the loss of her marriage and successful job so she resorted to an escape. That escape was alcohol for her. Alcohol affects the story because it is symbolized for an escape to obstacles and just the amount of problem they have are tremendous. This is yet again another example of one of the many physical objects that the author uses as

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