Antidepressants In Brave New World

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Rilee Peterson Showen Antidepressants, The Brave New World, and the Real World Imagine suffering day to day. Feeling as if the entire world around you is dark, disturbing, and at times even pointless. Approximately 14.8 million people in the United States, age eighteen and older, are currently suffering from this disorder known as depression. So what is depression anyways? Depression is a mental condition that brings on severe feelings of dejection and despondency. Guilt, inadequate feelings, loss of appetite and sleep disturbances, are also symptoms introduced by depression. In our world today we see the disturbing affects depression has on our society, as well as the effects of antidepressants. Between the real world, and Huxley’s novel …show more content…

54) Soma, was the drug of choice in Huxley’s novel. This drug seemed to have all of the same effects as antidepressants do in our society. Soma even gave people the false idea that one pill, would cure all negativity in their lives. However if we re-read the quote at the beginning of this paragraph, we come to realize the drug doesn’t physically take the problems away, it only gives a false sense of happiness and security for the time being. In the novel there are some instances that occur when characters become extremely unhappy, vunerable, and even suicidal. At the end of the book, John ends his life. While John was not exactly like other characters, in the sense that he knew life in the World State wasn’t right, he still participated in the mind boggling activities from time to time. When the book comes to an end, John wakes up intoxicated, dazed, and delirious from his Soma intake. While the Soma kept him content for that short period of time, the next morning reality hit him like a freight train. He saw the disturbing world around him, and realized this world he was living in would not likely change. Horrified, John takes his own life. In the article The Truth Behind Anti-depressants, it states that “Antidepressants are a quick and temporary fix to mask depression symptoms. Many patients experience a boost in serotonin levels but as soon as they stop or reduce treatment they see their depression symptoms coming back with a vengeance.” This shows that once antidepressant intake comes to a halt, that the mind altering affect they have, is no longer in place. Therefore, reality becomes more clear, as well as the problems that originally provoked the

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