Beast King Reaction

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John was known by some as the Beast king. He was of Filipino descent and he was a really really closed up guy. There was this strange invisible wall which made it hard to approach him. He was betrayed by all his really really close friends(the other kings of humanity).John suicided when the closest thing that he had a crush which he never understood that she loved him although he said it multiple times in his monologues that he isn 't dense and his crush actually betrayed him. She actually sided with the demon army which was a really bad thing like the other humanity kings did and it broke Johns heart so HARD. How can she take the only road to survival? She actually offered John an opportunity to join her so they could live together but how…show more content…
The teacher which should be disgusted by this even if she could remember her past life because a simple act of kindness to be taken advantage like this would make any women angry she actually likes it. I fear that it actually was no superstar model that changed the teachers ' mind or some alien charm, it was the godly ability of plot armor which was soooooo strong. And after a few moment or hours or anything which me the lazy author did not specify John meets another of humanity kings. She is the rageful queen whose brother John the potato king killed but no she did not come for revenge. She actually comes to help the monster king John to survive the apocalypse. *Oh my god this plot armor is so fucking strong.*A fly said but no one understood it because no one can understand what flies say except other flies. Interesting right. Let us not get out of plot now right, she comes and tells the monster master John that she killed her boyfriend and is now near the mc to protect him because her boyfriend like the rest of the humanity heroes did something that might help humanity survive and joined the demon…show more content…
This level 2 spider is actually quite strong but the drawback is that it has poor sight and poor hearing and it relies on its web to sense its surroundings.Burning the web would practically leave it blind but let us stop using logic and let us use super strunk naruto logic. The heroine hits it with an ak-47 modern version but it actually does nothing to its carapace so our hero has the smart idea to hit it with Berettas in a single place so it gets hurt and gives the hero an opening. Josh, you are so smart, it was guarding against you the whole time because it has poor hearing and sight and it relies on its web to make sense of its surroundings which are conveniently not near where you fight.Our hero while using his self-created movement technique to fool the opponents poor eyesight although it does not even matter because it is not even focusing on you rushes toward the monster and splits its abdomen.It could be faster if he rushed in a straight line if the enemy can not even see but it is not cool so let 's cancel
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