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John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17th, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois. John Gacy and his siblings faced a very abusive childhood with a drunk for a father.John’s father worked at a assembly line in town and once he got home he would go to the basement and drink. Once Danish, John’s father, was far from sober he would beat the children with a razor strap if they were perceived to have misbehaved. John’s father assaulted his wife physically and mentally as well. John’s sister Karen stated that the siblings had learned to “toughen up” against the beatings, and that John wouldn’t cry anymore. John didn’t just have a hard time at home, but school as well. John suffered from a congenital heart condition that kept him from playing sports. This led to …show more content…

Although the heart condition Gacy had wasn’t his fault, his father looked at it as another failure. John later realized that he was attracted to men, and experienced great turmoil over his sexuality. John served as a fast-food chain manager during the 1960’s and became a self-made building contractor as well as a Democratic precinct captain in the Chicago suburbs in the 1970’s. John would dress up as a clown and perform at birthday parties for children and he would also organize cultural gatherings. John was married twice and divorced twice and also had biological children as well as stepchildren. Although it seems as if John’s life then was normal, he could not escape his harsh past. John was convicted of sexual assault in 1968 of two boys and sentenced to 10 years in prison. After his release, John was accused by a teen of sexual assault by when the court date arrived the victim never showed up. Years later two more young males accused John of rape, and the police started to question John about the disappearances of the others. Later on it was discovered that John Gacy had committed his first known killing in 1972, taking the innocent life of Timothy McCoy after luring the teen to his …show more content…

John Gacy’s early childhood was messed up. He grew up with a abusive alcoholic father and also a heart condition.These two things were the main factors of why John ended up how he did. John’s siblings, mother, and him as well were all beaten and abused mentally by John’s father. The sad thing is that John had got so use to the beatings that they wouldn’t affect him anymore, he was use to abuse, mentally and physically.I feel like this was one of the reason’s John became a murderer. John had a problem at school. John wasn’t able to play sports because of his heart condition; this led to problems with making friends for John. Because John wasn’t able to play sports, he had nothing to do but go home every day in fear of how his dad would beat him. John hated life, as well as others. John Casy became attracted to boys, but no boy’s liked him. This was a factor that led to his vicious rapes and murders. John never felt accepted by anyone and it angered him extremely. So in order to fill his sexual needs, he raped young boys then killed them afterwards to prevent them from exposing him and the killings also gave John peace of mind. The killings made John feel like he was getting revenge for the childhood he faced.

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