Genetic Engineering In Gattaca, By Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Genetic engineering is a form of biotechnology which consists of the manipulation of organism’s genes and produced with the use of DNA. Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, and Gattaca, by Frederic P.Miller are each based on perfections and science taking over the world. The over usage of genetic engineering caused the characters to rebel against their societal constraints, affected by the world in which they live causing social and physical effects, and the characters experiences affected them to change significantly. Firstly, genetic engineering caused the characters in Gattaca and Brave New World to rebel against their societal constraints. For example, Jerome Eugene Morrow was born valid and attempt to battle against the prejudiced system of Gattaca. The world of gattaca has the ideology that the genes will decide everything. Therefore, he attempt to hide away from the society by staying on his wheelchair at his home. “Jerome Morrow was never meant to be one step down on the podium.” (00:27:28 Gattaca 1997) As shown in the quote, he revealed that he was never meant to be one step down on the podium. This shows that he couldn’t accept the fact that he was unsuccessful in living up to his scientifically predetermined potential. He felt invaluable and as a result this caused him to attempt to commit suicide. John attempts to stop World State by throwing out Soma. In Brave New World, soma was used by people to prevent people from facing social problems. Therefore, the

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