Chapter 1 Brave New World Study Guide Answers

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Brave New World Study Guide Questions Sylvan Ortiz 1. The five types of people are: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and lastly Epsilon. Alpha being the strongest and Epsilon being the weakest. A person’s classification is determined by the government, and they can only perform the job they have been created to perform. The government categorizes the people this way to reach “social stability”. 2. The Director seems satirical because he mocks certain traditions, beliefs, ideas and religions that we have today. An example would be, “(Here the Director made a sign of the T on his stomach and all the students reverently followed his suit.)” The Director uses his hands to form a ‘T’. Cutting off the tops of religious crosses to form a ‘T’, resembling Ford’s Model ‘T’. This is one example of Huxley mocking modern religion, by worshipping a man who created an assembly line, rather than today’s idea of worshipping a ‘God’. 3. The Bokanovsky process is a type of reproduction in which an egg splits into 96 embryos. This process is used only on Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. The Bokanovsky process is a major instrument of social stability because the government doesn’t want tension between the lower castes. Making …show more content…

John became conscious of the “nauseous ugliness” of the Brave New World. He thought the World State’s culture was immoral and had no humanity. John is not only disgusted with the World Sate but is also disgusted with himself. He spends his day in the lighthouse purging his guilt. The night before he hangs himself, he took soma tablets, beat Lenina, and took part in a sexual orgy, losing his virginity before marriage and going completely against his ideals. John didn’t fit in, in the World State, he didn’t understand their ideals or ways. He wanted to feel raw emotions and they were too much that they pushed him to the edge. John’s suicide was based off of disgust and self-loathing. When John takes his life it symbolizes hope for humanity dying within their

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