Why Do People Take Soma

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I chose this quote because it shows how a drug can make such a big impact and be something that everyone needs or at least what many people believe to need. The positives that many people see as the cure to something that would take years of hard moral training now being able to take and go on with their lives, but the negatives are not pronounced to the people that are taking soma and are putting people into dangerous situations. Personally, I do not believe in this kind of drugs where they can make someone feel joyful and happy taking away the pain and suffering that someone may be going through just like what this soma does ot the people in the book. In the real world today there are many drugs that are illegal that people take to help them get away from reality and puts them into a different state of mind where …show more content…

Growing up in today 's society I personally have witnessed much addictions to drugs whether that was through a tv show or in person happening to someone that I know. Many of the main causes for people to use drugs are the same causes that lead people to use soma in the book. The message that is shown through this quote I something that I definitely do not agree with as it is giving people an easy way out of their problems for a short amount of time rather than dealing with them and having them gone forever. The theme of this quote is shown to be through community and common good which is what people think this drug is doing to them is helping them in a way that will make them never feel pain in a way, but what it is really doing to them is hurting them and starting an addiction. The same lessons can be learned from Hamlet as lying to someone about what they have done could come back to hurt someone else in the end which happens in both Hamlet and Brave New World when King Claudius tries to poison Hamlet, but instead poisons his new wife Queen Gertrude. In Brave New World soma is causing many people to become addicted which is harming their

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