Soma Quotes In Brave New World

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Alejandro orozco Jan 17, 2023 Mr delgado Bridge to College English 12 New society A brave new world can be described as a world where you can get rid of all your problems. for instance, when you are not feeling good you just take soma to feel better. such ideas are significant because you never feel emotion about anything except to feel good."Brave new world" why should kids in school read this book because it encourages them to reunite with society and it can inform them about important things to them like the usage of drugs can have a bad impact on them and how they view things around them. Soma is a drug that the government gives to people to don't feel stressed and make them feel good instead of the brave new world and it's not fair for …show more content…

according to the author"there always soma to calm your anger to reconcile you to your enemies and long-suffering"(Huxley chapter 17). this quote clarifies why they use soma to feel good and what is explained in context is that there is always soma so when you feel bad or remember a bad thing that happened to you or someone you just take soma to feel better. the point is important because they are not bothered by anything that happens around them. the author explores the idea of the government doesn't what them to know that they are being controlled by their drug the author's words" Jonn cries out for them to stop taking the soma rations he tells them its poison meant to enslave them and ask them to choose freedom"(Huxley chapter 15). the reference expresses how Jon is seeing reality and is telling the people to stop taking soma because the government has them like slaves and what them to have a different type of life. the point is important because you can see how the government can tell you something is good for you when it really can be the opposite. Finally although some people think soma is bad for you there suggest that it can be good for you for instance it makes you into a more positive person. despite opposition, I am convinced that the government is doing a good job by giving soma to all the people in order to make its society work better and not letting the people go brugh bad

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