Hardships In Lyddie's Life

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I think the point of the story Lyddie is to show just how hard it was for young women to get by back then. In Lyddie's story, she has to go endure many hardships such as losing her farm, having poor working conditions, and having to walk and walk to become a factory girl. The place she stayed at was an small inn. The in was very overcrowded with 2 women sharing a bed. This could potentially be harmful to the girls if for example there was a fire they would not all be able to make it out alive. In this essay, I will be talking about all the hardships that Lyddie had to push through and how bad their lives were back then. Many young girls, working as young as ten, had many harsh conditions already. Starting in chapter 3, which was the cutler's tavern, Lyddie got her first job. Even in the beginning, you could tell it was going to be a harsh time for the rude comments given by the owner. For example, “ “Go along” the woman was saying. “ this is a respectful tavern, not the township of a poor farm girl.” Also in her job her and her brother were very mistreated. Lyddie, for example, had to sleep under “ a windowless passage, which was hot and airless even in the late spring” Another example is that when her brother Charlie came to visit she noticed that her brother was …show more content…

Kids back then were in awful conditions because their children had no freedom, got deformities due to not ever seeing the sunlight, were underpaid, working up to 16 hours a day, underfed, and often had very poor sleeping and housing conditions. This book was bringing attention to the awful conditions these young kids had to go through. Many families got separated and many people died during this time period. Around the world in poorer places there are still very poor and harsh working conditions for people. Many people take their freedom for

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