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Harold Shipman, born on January 14, 1946 he was known also as the murder doctor. He was given that nickname because he had killed over 250 patients with lethal injection. They only know the names of 15 people that Dr. Shipman has killed. “He was exercising the ultimate power of controlling life and death, and repeated the act so often he must have found the drama of taking life to his taste.” Harold Shipman, one of the most prolific serial killers in recorded history, is proven by the number of people he killed, his method of operation and his mental instability.
Harold shipman killed many people here are a few that we know of Marie West, Irene Turner, Lizzie Adams, Jean Lilley, Ivy Lomas, Muriel Grimshaw, Marie Quinn, Kathleen Wagstaff, …show more content…

Shipman’s method for murder was lethal injection. The reason he uses lethal injection is most likely linked to the fact that he watch his mom be injected with morphine at a young age. When shipman was seventeen years of age his mother was dying of lung cancer. So to ease the pain they injected her with morphine while shipman was watching. For what happen to his victim’s body’s he did nothing to them. Yet he had taken jewelry from their homes and stored it in his garage. The police found roughly around £10,000 in jewelry. In total they found 66 different items of jewelry 33 of them had belonged to his wife Primrose Shipman. The rest of the items of jewelry were auctioned off.
Growing up Harold shipman was born into a working class on June 14, 1987. Out of his 3 siblings he was the one his mother held the most hope towards. He also was a star athlete even though his mother made him think he was superior to his pears. He didn’t didn’t fit in much with his other piers. Yet when his mother got terminal lung cancer he was playing a very odd supportive role. This caused major trauma that impacted the rest of his life as he even knew it.

Harold Shipman studied medicine at Leeds school of medicine and graduated in

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