Harriet Jacobs Research Paper

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Judging a person by their skin tone has always been a problem, and nobody wants to live to be judged. Many believe that skin color doesn’t matter, until society makes it matter. In today’s society, everyone can easily be judged by others and get along, but still make excuses to have differences in race, color and religion to disdain a healthy relationship. People typically have a standard of likeliness that pertain to a certain group or person. Harriet Jacobs, born in 1813 in the state of North Carolina was “born into slavery.” She had lived her first years as happy child, but when her mother died, Harriet Jacobs was sent to her mother’s master, Margaret Hornblow, who taught her to read, write, and sew. Harriet’s master Margaret, had always shown love and affection to Harriet, which she did not realize her life as a born slave girl. In the year 1825, Harriet’s master Margaret had passed …show more content…

As her uncle, Mark had been planning her escape far away, she was on her way to find freedom, as Harriet stumbles across a sign, which reads “300$ Reward! Run Away subscriber, an intelligent, and bright girl named Linda, 21 years of age.” In her book Incident in the Life of a Slave Girl, she changed many of the names to protect their identity. At this time, she knew that being out in public would increase her changes of being found, so she had to plan out her every move, which getting caught was not the plan. Soon, as her family waited until a dark night, they brought her back to Molly’s house and put her in the small attic with nothing more but a blanket and water, which she still kept it very optimistic. At this point, the reader made me think about how today many people would take those simple things for granted. As being scared of getting captured, she spent seven years in the

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