Harriet Jacobs Or Linda Brent

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Harriet Jacobs, or Linda Brent as she liked to be called, was born into slavery in North Carolina in 1813. She grew up really happy, unaware of her status of being a slave. When she was 6 years old, her mother died and since then she learnt of her status of being a slave (Jacobs, 9). She had a very hardworking father who was also a slave and a younger brother called William, whom she loved so much. Her maternal grandmother helped to raise her and William. After her mother died, her mother's mistress who had vowed to take care of Linda and William took her in. She was happy also for a while in her mother's mistress' house until the mistress died.
However, she learnt to read, write and sew while she was with her mother's mistress, who was really …show more content…

The father of her children was a white neighbor called Mr. Sands. She did not love Mr. Sands, but just got pregnant for him so her master could forget about her. This did not stop her master from his sexual harassment towards her. When her troubles became unbearable, and also the thought of her children going through the same thing she was going through, she hatched an escape plan. Her master searched for her for years, while she was in her hiding out in her grandmother's attic. She spent a lot of years in this hideout and was almost crippled due to her inability to stretch her legs much. She eventually got to escape from the South to the North where slavery was not allowed. She was later reunited with her children in the North after she was able to gather enough …show more content…

They loved one another and her grandmother had wanted to buy the freedom of all her children and grandchildren from their masters. Her family members were all hardworking people. She and her brother found a lot of comfort in their grandmother, especially when their mother died. She had a lot of help from her friends and family. Aunt Martha as her grandmother was usually called, was a really patient, disciplined and hardworking woman. She made sure she stood by Linda during all her troubles and helped to hide her in her attic. She raised Linda's children in her absence and she was loved by everyone around her. William was her brother, who was two years younger than she was, they loved each other so much that she did not allow her master know, for fear of using that against both of them. William escaped from his master while they were in the North, thinking he could not misuse that opportunity. Mr. Sands was the father of her children, who never really loved her and did not care for her and her children. He also broke a lot of promises about securing the children's freedom. Although, he bought them, the slavery system still had a way of claiming them. They eventually escaped to the North and became free. Dr. Flint was Linda's master and enemy. She loathed and hated him as he made life really miserable for her. He was obsessed with her even after she had her children. He searched for her all till his death after she escaped. Mr. Flint was

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