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*Before doing the readings, I viewed a documentary about Heaven’s Gate to get a broader understanding of the people involved and how they acted during their "Preparations."* His voice draws you in like a warm blanket on a cold day. This feeling of being drawn in occurs slowly, a new perspective being discussed, Heaven. The speaker named “Do” uses a hypnotic, mesmerizing voice. A voice full of eager intention, you acknowledge right away Do wants the viewer to retain, if just a seed of information from his speeches. For me, this resembles the introductions of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, where Mr. Rogers explains all the beautiful things you were about to learn. For its time, I understand the appeal of this movement by the way it was a new way of…show more content…
Hall, I understood Do as Jesus himself for he was given a task in the world which later on he became the leader. The purpose of Do in his earthly journey was leading the "class" in preparing for their departure out of this world. The idea of leading is mimicking Jesus in the Bible when he walks around spreading the word of God and preparing for the Apocalypse. Understanding their mindset, Heaven’s gate gave these people a new way of looking into the world, taking away their old, boring lives and teaching them a new aspect of life where anyone was accepted, no matter race or age. The past few decades leading up to the creation of Heaven’s Gate, the perception of Jesus was shaped by the Jewish scriptures consulted during the 1960’s. Before that, the idea of Jesus had stayed the same for a very, very long time. As mention in Hall’s article “spaceship or not, people were captivated with the idea that heaven is a physical place that people can actually reach.” (Hall 155) Reaching a physical Heaven was now an option given to the masses, this avenue was accessible to all who were interested in the higher power, the only information missing was how to proceed. Heaven being of a physical place was probably one of the reasons Heaven’s Gate movement gained momentum for they were the first official group to publicize this knowledge. In deeper understanding of this movement, everyone had to be changed emotionally, physically and
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