Vietnam War Dbq Essay

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Bibi Barrera
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The Vietnam War was a war that happened to last 20 years. The United States did not agree with the spread of communism so they sided with South Vietnam. The U.S happened to get involved due to wanting to stop the war because they didn’t want it to spread. It impacted the world due to it being the first war to become televised and people were upset because people were dying. Now, In my opinion the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson had the most significant role in The Vietnam War because when he assumed the presidency, he inherited the escalating crisis in Vietnam. Lyndon B Johnson failed to see the importance of the war, and actually escalated it even more. Despite promises …show more content…

With so much injustice, movements began to break out everywhere. From schools to fields to the common workplace. All fighting for one thing: equality. Many movements actually got things accomplished. Not one group was able to get what they wanted alone, they had to fight their causes together to get about the similar ending they all desired. For example, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 came forth because of several movements like the Gay Rights Movement, Feminist Movement, and the Civil Rights Movement. These movements caused a lot of turbulence in the country because while one group thought we were moving forward, another group thought we were moving back. This caused chaos in the country, leading to backlash from our own government who should be for the people. Out of all the movements from the 1960s and 70s though, the Black Panther Party had the harshest response from the government. The Black Panther movement came up after the assassination of Malcolm X to fight against police brutality and defend the African American community in West Oakland, California. The party itself was quite unique in the sense that did a little bit of everything. From embracing their right to bare arms at city hall or creating programs to help their community they did it all. They were successful because besides fighting police brutality, which was their initial goal, they improved the community by launching more than 35 Survival Programs. The Black Panther Party created significant opportunities in their communities to help each other, from tuberculosis testing to the Free Breakfast for Children program that provided free breakfasts for students. This party was so successful in West Oakland, it spread to other major cities in the US. The groups in the US lead the example for other similar groups in different countries as well. Despite them only expressing their rights and trying to better their community, the US government saw

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