What Was Andrew Jackson's Legacy As President

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Writing Assignment #2 Question 2: Discuss Andrew Jackson and his role as U.S. President. What conflicts or controversies occurred during his administration? (Identify at least one that you found) What was Andrew Jackson’s legacy as president? Andrew Jackson was born near the border of north and South Carolina on 15 march, 1767. His father died shortly before Andrew’s birth and his mother tried to raise him to be educated. In 1812, He had become a wealthy Tennessee lawyer and rising young politician. In 1824 and 1828 election he stands as some of the dirtiest campaign ever waged for the Presidency. Jackson won the popular vote handily in 1824. Andrew Jackson was the first so called "people 's president". up until his administration government was becoming more concentrated in the hands of the aristocratic forces of the country. He made many choices that could be considered wrong but he made the decisions based on his desire to keep common Americans in control of the government. He refused to renew the National Bank 's charter thereby setting the country’s economic development back by several decades. Question 3: Identify at least one reform movement highlighted in Unit 3. What was this movement? What significant impact did this movement have on American history? …show more content…

Fort Sumter is in South Carolina and Major Robert Anderson was commanded at the time of the civil war who ultimately lost the battle of Fort Sumter. The battle of Fort Sumter took place in April 12, 1861 and Anderson surrendered on next day April 13. There were no casualties during the battle of Fort Sumter. Strangely, no soldiers were killed in battle. Before Anderson and Soldiers leave the fort, soldiers fired 100-gun salute and during the salute, one soldiers was killed and another mortally wounded by occurring exploding cartridge. After that, officially Civil war

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