Henrietta Lacks Benefits

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Does saving the human race from extinction matter if you did not get permission to take the materials necessary? When an African American women had her cells stolen without her consent she had no knowledge as to how she was going to benefit the world, let alone the science industry. This woman is Henrietta Lacks. Her cells and her legacy will never be forgotten throughout the world. In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot presents the scientific progression of HeLa cells with study cases, such as the study of viruses and the development of the polio vaccine, in order to prove to the reader that HeLa was beneficial towards science and was not illegal in any ethical way.
Polio is an infectious viral disease that affects the central nervous system. The year 1950, a year before Henrietta Lacks died, was the peak of the polio …show more content…

In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot presents study cases, such as the study of vaccines and the polio vaccine to prove that HeLa cells have benefitted science for the greater good. The benefits of HeLa cells are shown when the Polio and HPV vaccine is talked about. The polio vaccine benefitted the human race by saving lives and impacted science by progressing further studies. Further studies included the HPV vaccine which gave scientists a vast knowledge on how cancer forms and how it is inserts insert into DNA. It is later proven that the study of Virology is the cause of scientists advanced experimentation with cancer and expanded their boarders with the topic. Without HeLa cells, half of the human race would have been extinct and scientists research would not be as advanced as it is today. HeLa cells have caused science to be impacted by being able to retain information through research and expand their philosophy on science. The scientific information presented is important to everyday comprehension which benefits the health of the human race. Imagine living in a world where HeLa cells are

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