Henry Ford: America's Leading Businessman

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Henry Ford despite the fact that he started out poor and worked in the engineering area, he still managed to build his first gasoline powered Quadricycle, and five years later created the Model T. When Henry was younger his father gifted him a watch, Henry then started to take it apart and reassemble it which got him into the manufacturer business. As he grew older he stayed in that business and created the Model T. He is considered America's Leading Businessman because he helped America's economy during their most vulnerable years. Henry Ford was a revolutionary figure in the automotive world by improving the assembly line, improved work and pay, and the Model T. One of Henry’s biggest accomplishments were that he created the Model T and started…show more content…
They only hired men to work for them and their minimum wage was $5 per 8 hours. “Ford announced that it would pay its male factory workers a minimum wage of $5 per eight-hour day, upped from a previous rate of $2.34 for nine hours… $5 per day was nearly double what the average auto worker made” (“Ford factory workers get 40-hour week” 1). This quote is proving that workers were getting paid double what the average auto worker earned. It created a middle class and raised the standard of living for the American factory workers. For the workers to be productive they had to create the five-day workweek. “the five-day workweek was also instituted in order to increase productivity… the world, soon followed Ford’s lead, and the Monday-to-Friday work week become standard practice” (“Ford factory workers get 40-hour week” 1). The five-day work week allowed the workers to produce more automobiles. This also provided the workers with a two day break on the weekend. Henry Ford created the Model T’s and was rewarded a revolutionary figure in the automotive world. Model T was known back then and would improve the way cars are seen now. The assembly line was used to help create Model T’s and they had to use different factories to help the process go faster. During this entire process all the workers had to work an entire five work week and get paid $5 per every 8 hours they worked. “Today Henry Ford is credited for helping to build America's economy during the nation's vulnerable early years and is considered one of America's leading businessmen”(“Henry Ford”
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