Frederick Douglass Impact On African American History

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Frederick Douglass The reason I chose Douglass as one of the most important people in U.S. History is because of his involvement in the anti-slavery movement. He wrote many narratives and gave many speeches. The narratives written were some of the most important things he could do for slavery awareness, as it allowed a first hand account of what happened. This meaning that white northerners who had no clue what exactly was going on, now could see what slaves had to experience. Another thing was his speeches and writing skills he used. Through this people all across the country saw him as a well-educated man. His actions allowed for certain movements to be made by the government, including the Emancipation Proclamation. Once slavery had …show more content…

As before Frederick Douglass fought for equal rights in the 1860’s, but didn’t always happen. In 1947, however, Jackie Robinson made history by being the first African American to play in Major League Baseball. This is so significant as from 1889-1945 sports were segregated and no African Americans played in the Major or Minor Leagues. He played for the Dodgers and every game had to listen to racial slurs from the crowd, as well as the other team. He didn’t fight back and instead played the game. This allowed people to see that you didn’t have to retaliate in fighting and showed people that it was best to ignore. The treatment was so bad that Jackie Robinson was the most hit player in the league in 1947. By the end of the season he became a hero for all, and showed that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. He also was given the Rookie of the Year Award and made an appearance in the World Series. Because of his involvement in the Majors, Jackie Robinson made people start to question the “separate but equal” life. Because of him playing, it opened a door for African Americans to fight for what they wanted and he led the start of civil rights efforts in the …show more content…

He began the Ford Motor Company and used the assembly line. The assembly line allowed for fast and easier work. But most of all he created an affordable car for all. His goal was to create an affordable car that the average working man could afford, because all the car that were already produced were not affordable and were very expensive. This allowed for everyone to own a car rather than just the rich. His cars also allowed for people to move around the country quicker and transporting goods. Because of the great work the assembly line and the Model T came which were two things that revolutionized American

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