Henry James Odgers Funeral

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In the passage by Henry James, Odgers Funeral, on July 1877 in Lippincotts Magazine, the hard-hearted and aloofness of henry reflect the feeling he has of the less fortunate. He describes the people as “shabby” and “perverted”. James thinks it was a horrible thing for Odger to get into parliament. In these times the elite thought of the poor people as savages and animals. The only good use of them would be for work. James’ diction of the funeral is not sympathizing and unfriendly. He continually describes the poor as “grotesque”. His opinion that it is a “perverse desire [of Odger] to get into parliament” is vain and disgusting. It is very horrible to describe a person who wants to help less fortunate (like Odger) as a perverse and ugly person

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