Here A Pretty Baby Lies Figurative Language

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Sometimes a life can end before it begin. In the poems "The Mother" and "Here a Pretty Baby Lies," each author portrays this opinion. Robert Herrick is the author of “Here a Pretty Baby Lies.” Gwendolyn Brooks is the author of “The Mother.” Each author insert things in their poems that reflect to the other poem. There are things in the poem that compares one another and contrast one another. The tone, setting, and speakers all plays a part in the poems. Both poems connect to one another by the tone it is told in. The authors show signs of grief, uses figurative language to connect to the readers, and uses point of view to express emotions. The authors show different ways to show how they grieve their loses. The purpose of these two poems is …show more content…

"Here a Pretty Baby Lies," utilize symbolism and metaphor. This poem is consisted of only 4 lines. In the first 3 lines, we assume the baby is asleep. In the fourth line, we learn that the baby is dead. He used simple and delicate language as a symbol. It is easy to understand the author’s message because of the poem being short. He don’t mention that the baby is dead, he makes it known that the baby is no longer living. Line 3 states, “Pray be silent, and not stir,” Herrick binds the sense of hearing with the idea of prayer. In line 4, “Th’easy earth that covers her,” he substituted the setting of the child’s death with a funeral or a coffin. "The Mother" uses imagery to connect the feelings of every mother who has experienced abortions. The author used words like “winding the sucking-thumb” and “scuttling of the ghost,” to suggest that she at least knows every typical experience of a mother with a child. “Abortions will never let you forget. You remember the children you got that you did not get (Lines 1-2).” She brings vivid images to the mother’s eyes. “The damp small pulps with a little or with no hair (Line 3).” She reminds them what the babies would have become in the future. She portrays her feelings through imagery. She uses other mothers who have committed the same sins because it makes the poem seem more realistic. Lima Lais Montenegro, author of “Humanized Care For Women In …show more content…

They used point of view to tell their story through a poem. Herrick uses a third person point of view in his poem. This is important because it allows the reader to see the feelings from another person. However, Brooks told her poem from a mother's first person point of view. I think this was smart to do because abortions are decisions made within that person. People can feel a certain way after you have gotten an abortion, but only the mother know exactly why they got an abortions. Victorian studies voiced their opinions in the article, "A Mother's Joy at Her Child's Death: Conversion, Cognitive Dissonance, and Grief.” This article explores how a mother could have rejoiced when her son died at the age of 18. I personally don't support this article but it could be useful because it is a con for me. I could connect to her husband because unlike herself and family members, his faith could not allow him to praise his son's death. I feel like this kind of relate to both poems. It relates to “The Mother” because it supports how a mother could feel once she has had the abortion and feel relieved after a period of time. It also relates to “Here a Pretty Baby Lies” because it shows how the father is hurting behind the death of his offspring as well as the author of the

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