Memory Of My Grandchild Analysis

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Task 1
In the poem ‘Memory of My Grandchild’ Anne Bradstreet in the line ‘farewell dear babe, my heart’s too much content…; is a line in the poem which is perhaps the most difficult to interpret as human emotions especially the love and the possessiveness of a grandmother for her grandchild can only be fully understood by someone who is a grand -parent. This line is the explosion of a pent up feeling of hopelessness as she was her grandchild though illness and wondered why God did not take her and take her grandchild in front of her eye. She had unshakeable faith in God which …show more content…

He left England and came to America because he was being persecuted for his Puritanical religion. One of his best kwon poems is day of doom which is known till date to be one of the best poems that was written in the 16th century. This was a period of strong religious beliefs and the literary works and poems of this period all center around religious beliefs and what God means to them.
This Poem of Michael Wigglesworth was perhaps the first best selling literary work during this period and can be considered to be the first epic poem of the period that was a best seller. It has 224 stanzas in Ballad style. IN the poem the Wigglesworth show concerns about the disintegration of the Puritanical beliefs and describes the degeneration as they retire into the night and how men women and virgins behave as dusk falls. Wigglesworth also describes the Day of Judgment as he perceives …show more content…

This poem as used as an instruction piece for adults and children about sins and what are the consequences of being a sinner in the Puritan faith to which Michael Wigglesworth belong and for which he had to leave England.
The importance of the poem does not lie in the choice of topic, or the choice of poetic writing style that Wigglesworth uses, the importance of the poem is as a best seller more so when most of the population in New England were moving away from the Church it was this poem that brought many of the population in America back to religion and the church. It is believed that probably all New Englanders may have committed the poem to memory not because everyone liked it in the same way but because it was used as a medium of instruction of the Puritanical

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