Heroin Severity Assessment

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Materials Recruitment materials will consist of beginning a database with all interested participants in this study. In order to select 200 participants, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual will be used to diagnose potential participants with heroin dependency addition. In order to effectively measure secondary outcomes, there will be individual assessments used at the beginning and conclusion of the treatment chosen. The European Addiction Severity Index will be used for all participants before and after the treatment. (Blacken, Hendriks, Pozzi, Tempesta, Hartgers, Koeter, & Fahrner. 2015) This Index is designed to provide additional diagnostic information on the specific client. This includes the severity of substance-related problems as well as an assessment of how resistant to change the client is to predict treatment outcomes. The specific domains measured in this assessment include, current medical status, amount of chemical and illicit drug use, employment, and finally overall psychological stability. Administration of this assessment is 30-45 minutes for a skilled technician. Scoring takes 5 …show more content…

This criterion is set for the first week of treatment. Following the next 2-4 weeks administration will be lessened gradually. On the second week 5G will be administered 4 times during a 24-hour period. The following week (Week 3) 5G will be administered 2 times a week. The last and final week 5G of pharmaceutical heroin will be administered once in a 24 hour period. The control group procedure will be different in the form that SIH will not be administered at all. Instead intervention efforts will stay consistent. Each patient will be assigned a clinical psychologist and registered nurse to monitor overall psychological and physical health for drug dependency behaviors. Pharmaceutical Heroin will not be administered in the control

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