Herrin Massacre Paul Cadmus Analysis

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Paul Cadmus was born in 1904, in the upper west side of Manhattan. Cadmus was born into an artistic family, his mother and father were both artists, not only recreational but professionally. His mother illustrated children's books while his father was a commercial artist. Cadmus’s father had studied alongside Robert Henri. At the young age of 15, Paul dropped out of high school and enrolled at the National Academy Of Design for 6 years where he then later attended the Art Students League Of New York. Cadmus took life drawing lessons at the Art Students League of New York, where alongside schooling he worked as a commercial artist. During the few years, he had attended the school he met his lover, Jared French. Cadmus was not interested in love with women, but rather men. During this time era homosexuality was frowned upon or at least something that wasn't widely accepted as a normal idea. Despite the idea of homosexuality being despised Cadmus was quite open about it and in many of his paintings such as what I believe(1948) he depicts homoerotics in the idea of it being acceptable. Whereas in the painting Herrin Massacre he only slightly depicts homosexuality, but still focuses on the male body muscle features. Despite some of his more calming paintings this one is aggressive and…show more content…
Egg tempera is colored pigments mixed with water soluble substances such as egg yolk to create the paint rather than a water or oil base. The painting was done on panel, which is a flat piece of wood or multiple pieces of wood to form one picture. Cadmus’s painting was only done on one board. Some of his other artwork such as the 7 deadly sins series, which was done on 7 different boards. The use of panel for painting was fairly common unless you were painting on a wall. The use of panel became obsolete after the 16th century, when canvas caught on and became the primary
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