Hester Prynne Feminist Analysis

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The book was written during the time when feminist rights and values were not established and considered in the society. Hawthorne’s work of fiction about a feminine representing feminism culture and importance in the society attempts to highlight the equality and justice that much exist in a society. In this story, we get an exclusive view of women, love, sins and how Hester turns her punishment into power. Unlike those Puritan women in the community, Hester Prynne follows what she wishes even against the strict Puritan beliefs and norms.
We get to see how bravely Hester takes her decisions. Though Hester is married to Chilingworth who was much older than her, she falls in love with Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale, a clergyman of the Puritan community who earns great respect and fame as a priest from the community through his sermons, who later discovered to be a real father of child and most importantly a sinner who never reveals his sin. Hester is shown as courageously strong woman than the man of author’s time. Hester knew that her punishment would be increased; she never disclosed her child’s father name. Hester is also shown as a stronger character than Dimmesdale, who lacked the confident to admit his sin publicly. He lived with the guilt by torturing himself mentally and physically and we see Dimmesdale is degrading with his inner hidden sin while Hester grows strong and become influential women (Hawthorne, 1850).
Hester is seen as a feminist because of the way she

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