Hester Prynne's The Scarlet Letter

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The scarlet letter “A” first appeared in the second chapter of the novel. Hester Prynne stood up on the stage, a baby in her arms. Her chest wore a scarlet letter embroidered with gold thread, a scarlet A! This letter “fine cloth as the base, all decorated with elegant embroidery and ingenious patterns of cloth of gold, with magnificent whimsy and exquisite craftsmanship” (Wan Yuanai, 2006: 6). “The scarlet letter on her breast ‘A’” represents the English word “Adultery”. According to the Calvin canon ,any women who violate the “seventh commandments” adultery should wear red letter “A” on her chest as a punishment. Hester had the courage to pursue a happy life, but people regarded her as a slut. Let her suffer from the humiliations of the scarlet

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