Comparing Story Of An Hour And Hills Like White Elephants

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“The story of an hour” by Kate Chopin and “Hills like white elephants’’ by Ernest Hemingway are two wonderful short stories that talks about two women dealing with major moments of change. Though both stories seem different from each other but after reading the story more in depth, I realized that both women are dealing differently with a situation beyond their control. Ernest Hemingway style of writing is confusing In a sense that I had to reread “Hills like white elephants” four times to fully understand the story. He only gives his readers bare facts. He doesn’t say or clarifies his sentence leaving little clues for his readers to figure out the rest. Which makes his writing so interesting because there’s a lot of interpretation of his writings after reading his stories. Kate Chopin on the other handwriting is more open, very clear and understandable. Her choice of words is precisely making her sentence clear and exact. Both stories share a common theme such as freedom, death and the style of writing. Dakwa 2 Freedom is the masterpiece of everything, we all want freedom and to be completely free but we don’t know what it really means. In “Story of an hour” and “Hills Like White Elephant” they both strive for a different kind of freedom but at the end, they share similar goal which to be free again. In Kate Chopin’s story, freedom is brought to Louise in an awful way; the death of her husband. Which came as a news from her delicate sister, who was tiptoeing around

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