Liberalism Vs Multiculturalism

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Liberalism has evolved over time and mostly seen because of many ideologies that have either been tried and tested or rejected. According to (Raz 1986) it is a political tradition that has developed and become a more popular political force in the western world. By this concept of liberalism we mean to highlight the essence of freedom and equality as well as justice and fairness for the individual. It places importance on the rule of law, also meaning that the 'pen is mightier than the sword '. In liberalism many other concepts are generated and reborn, although making it a quiet complex and broad ideology it opens one 's eye and gives a clear understanding on what really influences the society; political and economic world at large.

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If so, multiculturalism that advocates group rights to sustain minority societal cultures in the liberal West is in fact entailed by liberalism, the core value of which is individual freedom. Thus, freedom stands as the main bridge between liberalism and multiculturalism. Societal culture contributes to its members’ freedom by providing them with meaningful options. The sense of freedom enabled by culture, however, is not equivalent to the notion of freedom advocated by mainstream liberalism, liberal autonomy (Kymlicka,…show more content…
Over the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries one sees the rise of a new formula for the exercise of rule, which one can call ‘the welfare state’ - within which expertise becomes linked to the formal political apparatus in new ways. The strategies of rule generated under this formula of ‘the welfare state’ have changed fundamentally over the last fifty years. A new formula of rule is taking shape, one that we can perhaps best term ‘advanced liberal’. The analytical machinery of most conventional political sociology - and most radical analyses that take their cue from Marxism - have not proved successful in characterizing these forms of rule nor evaluating their consequences (Rose
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