History Of The Reconstruction Era

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The reconstruction era was a major point in history riddled with turmoil. With the confederate loss, readmittance to the union was crucial for the southern states to survive. The union had dominated in war and their economy was progressing while the south was on a major decline. Due to this fact plans for reconstruction arose. There were three different plans made by congress, Abraham Lincoln, and Andrew Johnson. Johnson’s plan consisted of amnesty for for all except former military and civil officers of the confederacy and anyone who owned twenty thousand dollars worth of land, all confederate states had to give up the right to secede from the union, abolish slavery, and repudiate any confederate war debts. Lincoln’s plan was to give amnesty to all areas occupied by union armies, a pardon to all except high ranking confederate official, ratify the thirteenth amendment, and that ten percent of a confederate states population had to swear loyalty to the union. Finally, Congress’ plan for reconstruction was that fifty percent of the population had to swear loyalty to the union, only non-confederates could vote for the new state constitution, the Freedman’s Bureau would be instated, The south would be split into five military zones, and the thirteenth amendment had to be ratified.

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