Hmong Involvement In The Vietnam War

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During the Vietnam War, another war broke out known as the Laotian Civil War. An organization and communist political movement called “Pathet Lao” from North Vietnam was trying to overthrow the Royal Lao Government. While this was happening the CIA recruited the Hmong led by general Vang Pao, (who were an ancient hill-tribe from the mountains of Laos) as a secret alliance, to help aid the Royal Lao Government. (Batson, 1991, “Birth of Pathet Lao” Para. 16) The United States and Hmongs involvement in this are now what is known as the Secret War, for it was kept a secret by the United States government. Eventually, the Royal Lao Government was taken over by Pathet Lao. The Secret War ended the same war as the Vietnamese War in 1975 but the continuation …show more content…

During the recruitment of the Hmong, there were assurances made to support the Hmong during the war, and to provide assistance in the event Laos lost. Many Hmong refer this as the American “Promise or the Contract”. Although there is no specific date on when the Promis or Contract was made there is no doubt that the Hmong were assured of support if they lost the war. One Hmong phrased this Promise as: ‘You help us fight for your country, and if you can’t win, we will take you with us and will help you live.’ With the loss of the War, the Hmong general Vang Pao who was recruited by the CIA by the Americans from Long Tieng to safety in Thailand with about 3,000 other Hmongs. (Robinson, 1991, “The U.S. Response” Para 3) The rest were left to fight on their own without the aid of the United States or their leader General Vang Pao. Many felt betrayed by the United States for forgetting about the promise, for they had to save many of themselves by their selves to get to safety. It is only until the Hmong have immigrated to the United States. Roughly there are about 260,000 Hmongs living in the United States today, according to the 2010 census. (Lindsay, 2015, “The Story of the Hmong People in the United States” Para. 8) The Hmongs have made many sacrifices, leaving behind their land and becoming some of the first generations in the United States as their lives are influenced by many things every

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