Vang Poo's Involvement In The Vietnam War

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During the Vietnam War, the Unitied States ' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) recruited General Vang Pao and trained about 35,000 Hmong soldiers to fight communist forces in the mountains of Laos in what is known as the "Secret War." Vang Pao 's involvement in the war divided many Hmong people, but he believed that it would lead to a better life for his people. Under Vang Pao 's leadership, Hmong soldiers stopped the North Vietnamese from bringing supplies into Laos through the Ho Chi Minh Trail, helped identify targets for American bombs, and saved the lives of many American pilots, When the Americans pulled out of the war in 1975, they abandoned General Vang Pao and all of the Hmong people who were now enemies to the communist Pathet Lao.

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