Vietnam War Dbq Essay

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In its initial years, the Vietnam War had huge amounts of help originating from US citizens. We thought that the war would not take long at all and would make new American Casualties. Their thoughts started to change once they understood that the legislature had sugar coated how "well" the war was going when in actuality, it wasn't looking good. Major offensive attacks were launched by the Viet Cong on major bases.

It was a decision of good or bad for the administration, their decision was constantly awful. Official reports were being covered up to conceal what was really happening. Document 9 states " after the war, the pentagon papers were released- classified document which proved the massive amount of lying the government had done in …show more content…

Which made some citizens furious that they continued getting lied to again and again. The war was not at all like what the government was letting us know at the time. The number of troops that were being drafted increased. The chart in document 1 demonstrate the expansion in contribution the US had in the war. It demonstrates that toward the finish of 1965 there were just 184,00 troops however before the finish of 1968 there were 537,000. The war just showed signs of failure. The government put such a great amount of work into there lies only for every one of the certainties to turn out later. Nothing the government said we could trust. The armed force influenced it to appear as though it was Nobel thing they were doing by assaulting Vietnam the way they did however it wasn't at all courageous. The grim pictures showed in document 7 showed more than enough to show the citizens that America went to Vietnam causing mass terror on civilians." often, people had a glimpse into the very negative nightly from their homes. Many families with fathers.” When the war was publically telecasted, individuals got the genuine perspective of the truth. After seeing something as traumatizing as that it scared many Americans to not trust the government. In the event that the government had been coming clean, it wouldn't have been such a manipulating occasion since we knew. It just put more lost trust on the government because we have no choice to believe and follow

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