Vietnam War Dbq

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The United States was involved in the Vietnam War in the 1960s in order to support South Vietnam’s fight for an economic and cultural ties to the West. On the other hand, North Vietnam supported the ideas of a communist economy. However, the United States’s involvement in the war caused a million of dollars and lives lost, lost of faith towards the country’s government, and divided the nation instead of uniting as one. More than three million people in the war died, and out of those three million, 58,000 were Americans. The Americans and the people in South Vietnam had fought for their beliefs of a modern Westernized country while North Vietnam had fought for a communist economy. With this being said, the president, John F. Kennedy, believed in containing communism (Source C) and …show more content…

When Americans realized that the war costed in losing many lives, they changed their opinions on the war and believed that the war had more negative consequences than bringing honor to South Vietnam. With this being said, Americans turned sharply against the ideas and beliefs of the Vietnam War (Source F). They were ready for the soldiers to come home to their country, and Americans also protested against the decisions of being involved in the war due to the belief in that continuing to fight in it was not worth the risks. Also, the people lost their faith in the government when Kennedy decided to increase the size of the army, the decision was not made public as it broke the agreements made at the 1954 Geneva Agreement (Source C). In addition, the war costed approximately $167 billion (Source E), and the United States had to pay for these debts and losses for the war. Therefore, Americans of the United States lost their faith and trust in the government due to the huge debts and lives lost along with many secrets that were sealed during the

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