Vietnam War Dbq Essay

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The Vietnam War is considered one of the most controversial wars in United States history. The United States is one of the greatest superpowers at the time and were seen as the helping hand for doing the right thing. The United States were dragged into this war in order to stop the spread of communism throughout the Democratic South Korea. Many Americans saw this as the United States intervening in another country’s civil war which is not our duty. Americans also used the draft in a poor way affecting the young and African American population.
At the time many countries were against the idea of communists but it was the United States who felt the need to do what they could to stop the spread. President Lyndon B Johnson explains why we are in Vietnam by saying “There are great stakes in the balance. Most of the non-Communist nations of Asia cannot, by themselves and alone, resist the growing might and the grasping ambition …show more content…

In Document J King makes a bold statement “ I have told them that Molotov cocktails and rifles would not solve their problems” King getting involved was big because he was also involved in the Civil Rights Movement happening during the war. He believed the United States involvement in the war could not be ignored any longer. Document D presents one of the common ideas supported by the public. The image is “Make Love Not War" This idea backed up that the public was completely against the war and wanted the United States out of it. Document K also brings more focus to the love side of the public. Their ideal is that we should be focusing on things like love. They believed focusing on love rather than the war would help America grow more as a nation. Lastly Document G highlights how war is not healthy for the kids and other living things. This adds to the general idea of the Vietnam protests which was get out of the war because it was affecting

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