Hollywood Vs Matilda

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Everybody knows that family is a big concern. It isn’t just family that people are concerned about, it’s about how you treat your family and how your family treats you. There are 428,000 children living in foster care everyday. Instead of being reunified with their families, these children are yearning for somebody who will love and take care of them.
The theme of both Pictures of Hollis Woods and Matilda is to accept people the way they are, though they show it in different ways. Always accept people how you would like to be accepted. Josie remembers that Steven got what her first picture meant to her. The author wrote, “It’s a wishing picture,” he said slowly, “for a family.” I could feel my lips trembling (Giff, 123). This shows that Hollis …show more content…

DeVito, 1996).
This piece of evidence shows that Matilda’s dad is just being jealous of her. It appears that her dad never got the education that Matilda is getting, and is gaining envy. When Miss. Honey sees sadness wash over Matilda’s face, she remembers what her childhood was like. Miss honey tells Matilda, “You were born into a family that doesn’t always appreciate you. But one day, things are going to be very different” (Dir. DeVito, 1996). This shows that Miss. Honey knows what it feels like to have no one care for you. As shown in Matilda, it is hard to be yourself, but being yourself is key. The book Pictures of Hollis Woods and the movie Matilda have very similar messages of acceptance. You can choose to be one of two types of people. The first type of people you can choose to be like are Matilda’s dad from Matilda and the Mustard Woman from Pictures of Hollis Woods. When Matilda’s dad is speaking to her, he says, “Listen, you little wiseacre: I 'm smart, you 're dumb; I 'm big, you 're little; I 'm right, you 're wrong, and there 's nothing you can do about it” (Dir. DeVito, 1996) And the Mustard Woman says to Josie Cahill, “I think, Mrs. Cahill, that we need to talk about another place for Hollis” (Giff, 66).So, as you can see, Matilda’s dad and the Mustard Woman are similar in many ways. Matilda’s dad tries to make Matilda feel unskilled and useless, and the Mustard Woman makes Hollis feel let down and like she can’t be accepted anywhere. And the second type of people you can choose to be like are Ms. Honey from Matilda and Hollis from Pictures of Hollis Woods. When Matilda is getting adopted, her

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